Vicki really helped me to become the person I am today.  She helped me kick start my whole journey to self improvement and gave me the tools to be independent and prove I could do it.  After approaching her feeling very down, as I was very overweight and fed up about the fact that I hadn't progressed in my career, she helped me to implement lifestyle changes that I still live by now and also a different outlook on how to approach situations.  I am now over 3 stone lighter and have progressed to the next stage of my career and am now being prepared to progress again!  Couldn't be happier, thank you Vicki!

Charlotte Pullar

Prior to the coaching sessions with Vicki, it felt as though I could not see straight with the amount of stress in my life  Through our weekly online sessions, Vicki prompted me to reflect on and consider what my priorities were which led me to straighten out my 'foggy' thoughts.  Through a friendly approach and a touch of humour, she pressed me to consider what it was I needed to change - there was a definite 'light bulb' moment, which I very much doubt I would have had without her help.  I felt much more confident in myself by knowing which direction I was now heading.  After each session, I felt uplifted and motivated to set about the changes we discussed.  I also have a new confidence in my own ability and what I'm aiming for in my own career.  I am so glad that I tried life coaching and I am eternally grateful for how Vicki has helped change how I was feeling.  I would advise life coaching to anyone feeling lost or at a crossroads in life and I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Vicki for the job!

Marc Young