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  • Vicki Maguire

Life Changing Moments

My husband and I separated about two years ago. He left me and I begged him to come back. I was absolutely devastated. This was the start of my journey to find myself again. I'd totally lost who I was and (even though he left me for another woman) I was partially to blame for what happened to my marriage. I had the Superwoman Syndrome. I thought I could have it all. I thought I could be on a senior leadership team in a high school, be an awesome mum to my two boys, keep fit and healthy and have an intimate relationship with my husband. Who was I kidding? I was desperately unhappy. And the reason I was so unhappy was that in trying to do all these things so well, in reality I felt like I was totally shit at each and every one of them.  

The day eventually came when I had to tell my husband how unhappy I'd become, that life felt like such a drudge and I was feeling utterly miserable. That was when he took his opportunity to leave me. And that was when self help became my salvation! I could not get enough of self help books, blogs and You Tube videos. I became obsessed with Tony Robbins and Curly Martin and became fascinated with coaching. I hired a coach who helped me to turn my life around and then I decided that was what I wanted to do. I realised that in my job as a leader in schools, I'd actually been coaching people for years. It was the part of the job that kept me getting up and going in every day when my life when my life was falling to pieces. I signed up to a Level 3 Diploma in coaching.

I wanted to help women like me, and I know that there are thousands of them, going through what I went through, suffering from the Superwoman Syndrome. But my goal? To stop them getting to the point when it has such devastating consequences. So I've set up Victoria Maguire Coaching so that I can do just that. This is the start of an exciting new journey in my life. And it goes to show that good things can come from bad. So wherever you are in your life right now, don't give up. The best is yet to come!