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Victoria Maguire Coaching

Live doing what you love


After each session I felt uplifted and motivated to set about the changes we discussed.  I also have a new confidence in my own ability and what I'm aiming for in my own career.


Is this you?

Your life feels out of balance

Using the REAL coaching method we will EXPLORE what brings you fulfilment and what is stealing your time.  You will ACT to put simple strategies in place to bring back balance and direction so that you are able to LIVE life to the fullest.

You feel like you've lost yourself

I will help you to REALISE what drives you, your values and your passions and ACT so that you can set goals to help you rediscover what you've lost and get to know yourself again.

You're unsure of your purpose

We will work together to help you to REALISE your potential by setting authentic goals that will bring the purpose, direction and meaning back to your life.

You have too much to do but not enough time

We will EXPLORE how you can prioritise the things in your life that bring you joy and clear out the distractions so that you are able to ACT  in a way that creates the space to LIVE doing what you love.


About Me

Compassion, empathy, trust

I was where you are.  I was trying to do everything, be everything to everyone; I thought I could have it all.  I thought I could be Superwoman.  It's what society conditions women to believe.  It's what I believed.  And then everything came toppling down around me.  I'd known I wasn't happy for some time but pinning down the cause of my unhappiness took longer than I thought.  When I eventually figured out what the problem was, it was too late.  My marriage was over. And I didn't have the same motivation for my work as I always had in the past.  I  had to re-assess my life and find my purpose. And that's what led me to coaching. The part of my work that has always driven me is working with others to bring out the best in them.  I've been unofficially coaching for years so decided to learn the theory behind the practice.  And now that I'm qualified to practise, I want to help you to find your purpose and avoid making the mistakes I made.  I've helped people to find new meaning and purpose in what they're doing already, I've helped people to find balance in their life and I've helped those who wanted to take a new direction.  My purpose is to help you find a new way to live your life more authentically.


Learn More About Me

Focused on developing people

I started teaching in 1997 and was a head of department at 28. I worked in two schools as an assistant head teacher and am now a Deputy Head Teacher at a high school in Manchester.  With over 20 years experience of coaching and mentoring in teaching, I embarked on a level 3 diploma in life coaching.  I now coach leaders in schools and have created a coaching programme for women leaders to support their development and progression.  I'm mum to two teenage boys who I love spending time with.  When I'm not with my boys or working, I play netball, get out on my bike when the weather is kind and take long woodland walks with my cockapoo Ruby.  I love reading  and meditation and I'm at the start of my journey to connect with my own spirituality.  I'd love to work with you to support you on your own journey - wherever it may take you.


The REAL Approach

Find a way to live authentically

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Leadership Coaching Sessions

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Women Leaders' Coaching Programme

Guidance & Inspiration

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James


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